Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awards and Chickenpox

Gosh....where has the week gone?

Which one of you is stealing my days? Huh? Huh? Give it back... I need them!!! ROFL

Jokes aside, this week really flew by... and not because I was having too much fun!

Both my kiddos got chickenpox... YAY! (NOT!!!) lol They are very whiny, wanting attention ALL the time. But I guess I shouldn't complain, neither of them had fever and there are no spots on their faces or arms. Like the doctor said: They have chickenpox, but they're not sick! So, it definitely could've been worse!

Funny thing is, last week we were talking about chickenpox at the designers group... and a few days later, my kids had it! Like Andrea said... I never knew email could be contagious! HAHA

I'm so house is a huge mess, and there are piles of laundry and dishes to do... Any volunteers? :D Hmmmm... didn't think so! LOL

Tuesday I got two wonderful surprises when I opened my email... 2 Blog Awards!!! It sure did brighten my day!

The first one was from Paula (pkdoll):


I had received it before, but was thrilled to get it again! Makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside! THANKS PAULA! MWAH!

And here are the rules for this one:

1. The winner gets to put the award on her blog.

2. You must link back to the one that sent it to you.

3. Forward this to 7 people whose blogs you love and links on your blog to theirs.

4. Leave a comment on the blogs of the people you picked letting them know where to pick it up.

So, for my 7 I choose the girls I met at Amigas & Scraps.

1 - Chelly - she's the only exception, we met last year thru a pregnancy community and became really good friends. We started scrapbooking practically together! Te amo, amiga!!!

2 - Simone

3 - Waleria

4 - Carolzinha

5 - Vanessa (Vanroses)

6 - Patricia (patfazarte)

7 - Keka

And the second award was given to me by Chelly (yes, the same mentioned


The award comes with this text:

"A todas nos encanta los blogs, en la mayoría sus objetivos son mostrar las maravillas y hacer amistades; hay personas que no se interesan cuando les damos un premio y desta manera contribuyen a cortar esos lazos; ¿queremos que se corten o se propaguen?Entonces tratemos de prestar mas atención a ellos! Debemos entregarlo a 8 blogger's que deben hacer lo mismo y poner el texto."

But I'm going to cheat and give it away for more than 8 people! (shhhhh....don't tell on me, ok?)

I want to give it to all DSO designers, whom I love, and to Paula (pkdoll) the sweet lady who gave me the previous award!

So, here you go: Andrea, Beth, Bunny, Darlene, Doodle, Jazzy, Kim, Joy, Lisa, Luisa, Lynn, Mel, Mindi, Nikki, Shannon, Sherrie, Tina & Paula. Ya'll have been awarded! MWAH!

And last but not least....I have a freebie for you guys!ly-mysecretgarden

I was playing with My Secret Garden kit and ended up making 2 borders.

And I thought you might like to have it. If that's the case, here they are:

Hope you like it!

ly-msgborders Download Here

Hugs to all,



Chelly said...

WOW ...
Do not expect this seals win (Awards) ... Always dreamed about having a LOL but already had "abandoned" to imagine that the gain LOL ...
Livia my friend (I call it not so?) You have been a very important person in my life, is growing in the world of scrapbooking, but never lost its simplicity, always helping and guiding the "small" like me ... Te am very grateful for everything, for friendship, the patience, the love ... I love you very friendly ...
I am very happy with this that you gave me today ...
Thank you for being such a wonderful person!

Traduzindo para o português:

Não esperava ganhar esse selo (Awards)... Sempre sonhei em ter um LOL mas ja havia "desistido" de imaginar que o ganharia LOL...
Livia minha amiga (posso chama-la assim não?) Você tem sido uma pessoa muito importante em minha vida, está crescendo no mundo do scrapbooking, mas jamais perdeu sua simplicidade, sempre ajudando e guiando os "pequenos" como eu... Te sou muito grata por tudo, pela amizade, pela paciência, pelo carinho... Te adoro muito amiga...
Estou muito feliz com esse presente que você me deu hoje...

♪ Vanessa Gonçalves said...

Obrigada querida pelo selo !!
Aproveitei e coloquei o seu blinkie no meu blog!


Darlene Haughin said...

Oh Livia, sorry about the chicken pox! But at least you're knocking it out by both the little ones getting it at once, and now you won't have to worry about it...

Big hugs!

Nikki said...

Thank you, Livia!!!!

Hang in there with the Chicken Pox... Eventually it will go away!!! Then you'll never have to deal with it again, unless you have more kids!!!!

LOL Big Hugs to you, hon!!!!

pkdoll said...

Sorry you have to deal with the chicken pox times 2!! But be thankful that they have no fever and pox on the face.
Thank you sooo much for the award!! That is so sweet of you and I am so humbled that you thought enough of me to hand me this award. You are soooo sweet!! Now I will have to find who I want to send it to as well.

LadyTigr said...

Fabulous!!...Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and your hard work!..I for one am truly grateful and thankful for your kindness and generosity!...Thank you again for sharing!


Bekah_E'scape2Scrapland said...

thank you!

Kim B said...

LIVIA- chicken pox x2- arrghhh, girl you have your hands full-LOL
Thanks so much for the award- wooohooo. And isn't Chelly a sweety pie! I can see why you guys are so close. LOVE the borders girl! you should make some MORE- hint hint- LOL
Thanks again and HUGE HUGS

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today (look for timestamp: 19 Sep [LA 12:00am, NY 02:00am, UK 07:00am, OZ 05:00pm] ).

Maryse said...

your pages are gorgeous!!!
thank you very much :))

Karla Gardini said...

Que lindoas Livia...posso falar com vc em portuga néh...hihihi
adoro as coisinhas que vc faz, são maravilhosas, parabéns.

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Livia,

I'd say these awards are much deserved! I hope they were a bright spot instead of a bright SPOT, meaning the chicken pox. LOL, I know, bad humour.

I just stopped in to say hello!


charlie said...

wow tfs..the new kit is soooo pretty..tfs

charlie said...

oh your blog looks fabulous too!

Karla said...

Very pretty! Thank you!

Simone Gonçalves said...

Lívia, minha linda
muito Obrigada !!!
fiquei hiper feliz com o selinho e por ter lembrado de mim ...
Mil beijinhos p/ vc e seus filhotes lindos !

Andrea said...

Awwww I hope your kiddos are feeling better! And Mom gets a break!

WOW what awesome awards! Congrats!!

Thank you for passing on this sweet award! You are so nice!


Veelana said...

Thank you for the cute freebie! WTG with your awards! You deserve them!

Luisa said...

thank you Livia!!

Your freebie is awesome, T4S!!

Hang in there girl, hope you babies get better really soon...

Nani said...

Thank you for the add-on, Livia! It's a beautiful kit!!