Friday, August 29, 2008

A Great Opportunity and some lo's...

Have you guys seen this announcement at the DSO Blog? DSO is HIRING!!!

"DSO currently has 2 designer positions available.  If you are interested in selling your designs with our site, please take a moment to look over our designer requirements, and submit the application available in the store.  New and established designers are welcome to apply.  We can offer you a drama free, "family" environment, with knowledgeable and caring team members.

All of our product go through a quality check system, so if you can not handle critique on your designs, please do not waste our time.  There are no exceptions, ALL team members go through quality.

We also require active participation in our forum and gallery to help maintain good customer relations.

No minimum/maximum product quota per month.    Mega kit requirement is met by contributing to the kit or paying the opt out fee.

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please visit the store to fill out the application.

We look forward to hearing from you!
-The DSO Staff"

Woohoo... the family is growing!!! Can't wait!!!

My friend Chelly has been really busy... Let me show you some layouts she made using my new kit, No Piece of Cake and Colorblast, the blog freebie (scroll down if you didn't snag it yet!).




Aren't they fantastic?

See? Told ya the kit was also good for regular, non diet/food related layouts! LOL ;)

Ok, now I'm gonna go back to work... because, just for a change (yeah, right!!! LOL), I'm behind schedule! Both my kiddos have a very nasty cold, lots of coughing, sneezing and snot going on! Poor babies...and poor parents!!! 3 sleepless nights in a row... *big YAWN* So... TGIF!!!

Hugs to you all,


Sunday, August 24, 2008

A NEW KIT, a FREEBIE... and a naughty little boy!

Better late than never, huh? lol

I've been trying to come and post this for a few days already, but life insisted on getting in the way! No, nothing serious, just day by day stuff. :) You know... The Exciting Adventures of a SAHM, trying (with absolutely no success) to keep the house cleaned up, to control the kids, bla bla bla... LOL

On thursday I put the kids in bed for their afternoon nap and half an hour later I pass in front of their room on the way to the kitchen and when I look inside what do I see? A little girl peacefully sleeping and a very much awake and playful little boy. Nothing wrong with this picture, right? Except the fact that the little boy was in the WRONG crib!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes! But there he was... 

We have both cribs touching each other on the sides, but still... the bars are around their chest level! At that moment I was having a bunch of mixed feelings... I was scared thinking of all the accident possibilities now, but at the same time I wanted to start laughing because it was so darn cute seeing him in there, and of course, wondering how in the world did he manage that! Well... I got the answer to that a few minutes later. I put him back in his own bed and went out of the room and stayed watching him thru the crack of the door. He actually steps on the pillow and stuffed animals until he manages to put his belly on the fence, then it's just a matter throwing his head down and *FLIP* there he is!

I know it's dangerous, but I just couldn't help but think how clever that was!

Sooooo, I FINALLY have a new kit in the store! It's called No Piece of Cake. It's a 'Diet' kit... perfect for making pages of our before and afters, our goals and how we plan to get there, our healthier and lighter recipes... I tried to make the kit versatile, so it can also be used to scrap 'normal' The possibilities are endless! ;)

I got a little carried away on this one and it ended up being almost a Mega kit. It has 20 papers and 56 elements!!!

No Piece of Cake

 No Piece of Cake - papers

It's on SALE till wednesday... only $4.00 for this huge kit! So, if you don't miss this bargain, just click on the images to go shopping! ;)

And FINALLY (as well) I have a FREEBIE for you guys...!!! It's a mini that color coordinates with the new kit.



I hope you guys enjoy it!

But please... Don't share the files or just the download link! I'll leave it available for a loooong time so if you wanna share it, just send your friend here to the blog! ;)

Many hugs to you all,


Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Quickie

Not a lot of computer time today, but I just wanted to come here and show you my friend Chelly's  new freebie:chelsant kit cute previa



Isn't it adorably cute? You can grab it on her blog.



And here's a layout I made with it:

01-outta trouble

(template by Shazbutt)

The picture is an old one, but I really like how the colors of Sammie's pajamas matches the kit! ;)

Ok, now I'm off to get the kids ready to go to the Fair...YAY! :D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Look Ma...!

Check out my latest mini

Is it cute? Do you like it? Wanna have it?

Better yet... wanna have it for FREE???

Well... you can! All you have to do is participate in the DSO Dosie this week and the mini is all yours! ;)

This weeks them is Hobbies! Make a page about what you like to do on your spare time, post it in the gallery and link it back at the comments section of the DSO Blog. You can check out all the details and some gorgeous sample layouts here.

Can't wait to see what your hobbies are!



Monday, August 11, 2008

Did you Notice...

... anything different around here???

YES! I finally updated my blog skin and template!!! YAY Me!!! I've been wanting to do so for a loooong time, but first I couldn't find a 'model; that was the way I wanted, so I had to learn how to 'transform' a regular blogger template into a 3 column one and then learn how to 'dress' it up! It was a bit of a struggle since I didn't have a clue whatsoever of what code was or how it worked! But with some help (thanks, Andrea and Bunny!!!) I finally managed! It's not exactly the way I wanted, but close enough for me to be proud of myself! lol

So... what do you guys think of the new look? CC's are always welcome!!! ;)

Ok, I'm off now... gonna go grab a cup of coffee and start my day! I just wanted to come here and post this before anything, otherwise I'd forget! lol

Hope you all have a wonderful start of the week!!!

Hugs to all,


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


July was not  a really good month and I'm glad it's over!

As usual, I'm late with posting... I wonder if I'll every manage to become a nice, consistent blogger... hmmmmm.... probably not! lol month means NEW CHALLENGES at DSO!   I'm hosting the Lyric Challenge and this month my song of choice is a tribute to women. Especially my DSO sisters who had a tough July and amazed me with their drive and strength. The song is:

Superwoman by Alicia Keys

You can watch the video here.

And here's the posting bonus you'll get for participating:

august 2008 PB

And again, if you do ALL the challenges you'll receive this month's Mega Kit for FREE. This month's theme is BACK TO SCHOOL and it turned out soooo pretty! Check out the previews...


And when we call it MEGA we are not kidding. It has 100+ Papers ,  200+ Elements, 11 Quickpages, 11 Bragbook Pages and 1 Alpha!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get to work!!! LOL

My scrapping spree is still lingering around and I made a few more pages....

I really like the photo effect on this one, but the layout itself didn't turn out they way I wanted. But after being told by a few amazing scrappers that it was good, I decided to leave it as it is...


This one was made for a music challenge at Amigas & Scraps.






These were made with Kim's AWESOME new kit called Just Because.




Here's one I made for my little boy. I just love these photos of him wearing the Brazilian soccer team shirt!

01 - Lucas

For this one I used:




 Jen's (Chaos Lounge) new kit Climbing Trees.








I also used one of the Sunburst Templates by Pretty Pixels that I bought with the cq I got for being picked for LOTW at DC... (yay me!). Thanks, Tanyia!!!



Here's one with a vintage feel to it... I usually don't scrap with this style but I really like the way it turned out! I used a photo Menno took when we were chatting on msn... me in Brazil and him here.

01-thinking of you

mum's high tea




I used Mum's High Tea by Kiki Halbert, and a template by Fei Stuff.




And here's another one of Lucas. I just love his smile on this one... and yes, I was tickling him! lol

01 - method of life

que sera sera



I really like this kit, it's so cheerful and pretty! It's called Que Sera Sera by Polka Dot Plum.

For the lo I also used a template by Shazbutt's Digi-Scrapz.



Well, that's it for now... I'll try to come back with a freebie soon (yeah, it's been a while, I know!).

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Hugs to all,