Thursday, July 31, 2008

Look what I've got...

... from my friend Chelly!

She made layouts of my kiddos using my Happy Felt Garden Kit.

Look how great they turned out:

Sammie by Chelly

Lucas by Chelly

Aren't they cute??? I just LOVED IT!!!

Amigaaaaaa... AMEI! MUITO MUITO OBRIGADA, minha baianinha retada!!!!

And here's two other layouts that she made with the kit:

Her cute little boy, Enzo:


And her adorable sisters (I just love those smiles!):

Chelly - irmas 

If you wanna see more of Chelly's work check out her gallery!

Now I'm off to start what is supposed to be a very busy day (I've been stalling so far, but... lol).

Hugs to all,


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More layouts...

Hi! I'm back to bore you with more layouts that I've made recently... lol

The  first one I'm gonna show you was made using two awesome products:



Carousel Horse Template by IdziBitsy Designs

This is so much fun to work with... Loved it, Michelle!!!

(tried linking it to the store but didn't manage... will try again later)







SO Sunny Collab kit by Sunshine Studio Scraps and Scrap Orchard Designers




These pictures were taken on Christmas day in the Winter Wonderland fair that was happening here in town.


This next one was made as a gift  for my friend Chelly using:




  Softly Sweet Kit by Kim

This kit is simply FANTASTIC! Love, love, looooove it!




I've aslo used a double page template by Yin.


Continuing on the DSO girls trail...





I've made this next layout using August Breeze Kit by Designs by Luisa,  and a template by Yin.




This is my SIL.


And last but not least... I wanna show you this layout I made using a kit from Lynn.




It's called Firefly and it's amazing and fun to work with. This time I've used a template by Petit Moineaux.




I just love this quote...funny and cute, isn't it?

01 bedbugs

Phew.... I did it!  I actually finished this post!!! YAY!

I've been adding bits and pieces to it since saturday evening. Every time something came up...

Well, I guess that's it for now... I'm totally beaten today (something for another post) , and am off for a nice cup of tea and a book (if the kids allow me, that is! lol)

Hope you all have a very nice day!

Hugs to all,


Saturday, July 26, 2008

I scrapped! I scrapped!

Hi guys!

Well, first of all I'd like to say THANK YOU for all your support on our sale for Jazzy and for all the words, thoughts and prayers you all sent her way!!! You are truly amazing!!! MWAH!!!

And second... I wanna show you a couple of things.

I've been on a scrapping and posting spree this past few days(YAY!). It feels great to actually scrap again! lol And my conscience is feeling a bit less guilty now that I'm catching up with my CT duties. Let me show ya:





 Dar has a gorgeous kit called One Summer Day, have you seen it already? 




Here are a few lo's I made with it:


proud moments

template by Shazbutt's Digi-Scrapz

building castles

template by Shazbutt's Digi-Scrapz

Don't you love the freshness of this kit?

The next one I want to show you is this AMAZING kit by Jenni (Chaos Lounge) called Dear Diary.




I just loooove this one! It's so funky, isn't it?

Just like the rest of Jenni's work, it's so full of personality and uniqueness!




Here's what I made with it:

These are my cousins, Ju e Tata. Aren't they beautiful? :D I miss you, girls!


template by Yin Designs.

This one was made for a new online friend I've met at Amigas & Scraps, a Brazilian forum.


template by Yin Designs.

Here's another awesome kit by Jenni called Secret Window:



This one is fantastic, so many possibilities! I'll definitely be making more pages with it!

But for now here's one! ;)




These are photos of a really fun day Menno and I spent with our friends Juliana (my BFF), Alex and Jeroen. I just love these pics, even though they are very low quality! lol


template by Yin Designs. (can you tell I love her stuff? lol)

Tired yet??? I sure hope not... there's still plenty more! I told you I was on a spree... :P

Here's another kit that I absolutely adore:




It's called Oceanside and it's by Web Designz by Kristi and it's really really fun to work with!





This is not a new layout, but I thought I'd share it anyway because I just love the way it turned out! ;) How cute is my little beach princess, huh? hahaha

beach princess

I also love this one... Love that picture and how the entire lo turned out! My little man strolling by the beach... :D

Lucas at the beach

Kristi also has this beautiful kit called Butterfly Shimmer   butterfly shimmer


I used it to make a page for another friend I've recently met at Amigas & Scraps.

Isn't her daughter just adorable???




I misspelled Coco Chanel, but only noticed it AFTER I had posted it everywhere... so for now I'll just leave it as it is! lol


Vasco from Moon Scraps has this fantastic kit called Nirvana

 Nirvana kit 




It's so beautiful and unique! You gotta check it out!





I made this layout using it and I truly love result. These photos were taken on Menno's birthday. Aren't they great?

favourite toy

Ok... believe it or not, but I have looots more to show, but for your sake (and mine haha) I'll take a break now...  :D

Have to do some real life stuff now.... Will come back later to bore you with more, ok? LOL

Many hugs to all,


Monday, July 21, 2008

A Sale for a FRIEND

Hello Everyone!

Today we are having a big sale at DSO. For 24 hours, most of the store will be 50% off (including CU stuff).

We are having this sale to help a dear friend and fellow DSO designer, Jazzy. Those of you who know her, know that she's the sweetest lady ever and that she's had a rough year so far...

Here are Bunny's words that might explain it a bit more of what happened and what our intentions are:

"Dear Friends,

Yesterday one of our design team members and friend, Jazzy, suffered a great loss.  Her grandson, who was only 16, passed away.  It has only been a few months since her daughter passed away as well.  We are all so sad for everything Jazzy has had to go through these last few months.  You can read more about Andrews life, by reading this touching forum post she made at a while back.  For those of you who do not know Jazzy, she is one of the sweetest kindest ladies I have ever been blessed to meet.  She is a little further on in years, and lives on a very limited income.  We, the designers at DSO, do not want her to have to worry about coming up with money to pay her bills at this time.  She has so much on her plate already.  In an effort to do "what we can" to help her, we are having a ONE DAY ONLY SALE.  Most of our team are participating in the sale (which INCLUDES Commercial Use and Mega kits) and 100% of the proceeds from todays sale will be sent to Jazzy.  If you would like to put a message to Jazzy in the comment block during checkout, I will gladly include your name on the card that will be sent to her with the money raised.  Any messages will be printed and included as well.


If you would like to donate instead of buy,  you can send funds thru paypal to   please put FOR JAZZY on the transfer, and your name will be included in the card as well as any message.

If you would like to just leave her a message, to let her know she is in your thoughts her blog is  and we also have made her a post in the forum Prayer Request….

Please take advantage of this one day sale, and help us help her.

~Bunny Cates, owner"

So as you can see this is your opportunity to get a great bargain AND help a great person! And if you can't help financially, which is completely understandable, but can make the time to leave her a kind word and some love either on her blog or on the thread at DSO it would already be AWESOME!

jazzy sale my store

I'd like to thank you all in advance for your support!



Monday, July 14, 2008



That's what I have to say about the response we've had with the sale and the Scrap Journal Freebie.

Thank you guys so much for all your words and compliments!!! And of course, for your patience with out issues with the store! You guys are AWESOME!!!

Unfortunatelly the links to Scrap Journal expired today, but those of you who missed it, don't worry! It will be available at the DSO shop soon!

I can't wait to see all the gorgeous layouts that will be made with this kit!
I've already spotted a few and they are absolutelly fantastic!!! It's so exciting to see your work being put into use...! So, if you play with it... show it to me??? Pleeeease???


Look what I got...

... another blog award! YAY!!!


I received it from Nikki. Thanks, girl!!! MWAH!!!

And now it's my turn to present it to 7 people:

1) Bunny
2) Beth
3) Mindi
4) Sherrie
5) Joy
6) Doodle
I just put 6 links down, just so I don't 'break the rules'... lol Because actually, I wanted to present it to ALL DSO girls!!! You guys ROCK and I love being a part of this amazing group!!! LOVE YA!

And last but not least...
7) Chelly
My brazilian friend, who's always so sweet and supportive of my work! Thanks, Girl!

Is it Monday already???

Good Morning!!!

How was the weekend?
Mine was very quiet and relaxed... so in other words: It was GREAT!!! lol
Exactly what we needed! :D

The fietscar (dunno the name in english, sorry! Maybe... bike car? lol) we ordered finally arrived! And we took it for a testdrive on saturday... Ooooh, it was so cool!

The kids LOVED it! So much fun!!!


The new 'ride' attatched to my bike


Happy Passengers!

Ok... off to start the day... Will probably be coming back with more posts later on! ;)

Hope we all have a great week!!!


Thursday, July 10, 2008


Woohoooooooooooooooooooooooo! TODAY is THE DAY!

I can finally spill the beans... YAY!

As you guys know, DSO is back up and with a brand new look! And we're having a BIG SALE starting today! Everything above $1 is 50% OFF!


How good is that?

But remember, it only lasts for 3 days (10th - 12th) so you better hurry! ;)

Ok, you're thinking... Hummmph, she made all that fuss just for a sale?

Well... OF COURSE NOT!!!

We all have been working really hard and around the clock to make something really special FOR YOU! It's our way to say THANKS for your patience and support.

And let me assure you... it's AWESOME!!!

Are you ready???

Really ready???

Are you sure???

Ok, ok... calm down... just asking... LOL

I present you (drumroll please!)....:





preview scrap journal

This HUUUUGE Collab has over 65 papers, an alpha, gorgeous wordart and over 100 elements (more papers and elements were added after the preview was done) and Bracket Book pages made by Shannon.

What do you have to do to get your hands on it? Just visit the blogs of the DSO designers on the list provided below and snag each separate part! How easy is that? ;)

This FREEBIE will be available till Sunday night. So make sure you start your blog hopping ASAP!

Here's my part:


*Sorry... Download expired*

*Sorry... Download expired*


*Sorry... Download expired*

And here's the list of where you can get the other parts:

Andrea Dickinson

Beth Long

Boo Silva

Doodle LT

Holey Cow

Kim Broedelet + Jazzy

Kuoha Designs Ink

LJ Crochet

LPand3 Dogs

Luisa Potter

Melanie Ann

Nikki Fabulous

RC Mama


Tina S

ENJOY!!! And please remember to leave some love to our hard working designers!

Hope you have a great day!



Wednesday, July 9, 2008


... It's late here, but I HAD to stop by to tell you about a little secret...
It's coming! It's almost here!!! It's TOMORROW!!!

What? You wanna know what I'm talking about??? Well... That's the secret!
Oh, c'mon... I said I was going to tell you ABOUT it, not spoil the fun... MWAHAHAHA (did I sound like Kim? not really, huh?...will work on it!)

Ok, ok... I'll give you a little hint (but don't tell you the other ladies that I opened my big fat mouth, ok?)... It's somenthing that we, the DSO designers, made for YOU!

And trust me.... you DON'T WANNA MISS IT!

So make sure to come back tomorrow and see for yourself (you'll regret it if you don't...)!
And if any of you are just as curious as I usually am... Here's something to quench your curiosity:

tomorrow...wait till tomorrow! hehe

Did I make you curious? Anxious? Fidgiting with antecipation??? Good!
Then my work here is done!!! LOL

Off to bed now...and see you all tomorrow! ;)


Sunday, July 6, 2008

1st DSO DOSIE!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Today is sunday and the DSO BLOG brings you the first OFFICIAL DSO Dosie [doo-zeeeee] !

The Dosies are the new blog challenge. Each week will be something new and fun, so we really hope you participate along with us! You can check all the info on the site blog! ;)

And the first one is:

There’s NO PLACE like HOME

The Internet is such a wonderful thing. I think we sometimes forget how great a thing it really CAN be. One of the best examples of this, is the variety of people you can meet, friends you can make, literally from ALL OVER THE WORLD. So I thought, why not a challenge to demonstrate that. Wouldn’t it be great to see just WHERE your Internet friends call home? Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to show us a layout of your home. Don’t be shy now, we really do want to see!

Fun, huh?
I hope ya'll join us in the fun and show us your corner of the world!

I made one of Brazil and gonna try and find time to make one of the Netherlands as well, after all, this is where I'm living now, right? ;)

Here's my lo...


I used Mel's Inquisitive Kit, template by Yin Designs and my Sparkling Spring Green Alpha.

So, hurry now to the DSO Blog and check all the info for the challenge! ;)

And talking about challenges...


In order to get the mega kit, for FREE, you have to complete ALL of the forum Challenges! I know it seems like a lot, but believe me, it's worth it!!! Not to mention... FUN!

This month's Mega is called TRADITIONAL INDEPENDENCE and it's HUUUUUUGE!

Traditional Independence

You really don't want to miss this one.... You can check all the rules and see a bigger preview of it here.

And if you don't think you'll manage to finish all the challenges, don't worry... the kit will also be available for purchase on the shop! ;)

Well, I'm off to enjoy a sunny sunday!
Hope you all have a great one!


Saturday, July 5, 2008


Shoot! I'm sooo late with this post...
Life just totally got in the way today!
And now it's late and I'm too tired to whine about it.... (I bet you're thinking: Phew, Lucky me!!! lol). But even though I'm so tired I'm almost sleeptyping I had to come here just to shout from the top of my lungs:

Woohooooooo! Isn't that GREAT NEWS??? Have you seen it already?
If you haven't, you should check it out, it's looking fantastic!
Bunny got the entire site revamped and did an awesome job at it! I swear...I think she's related to the Energizer Bunny. You guys have no idea of the effort, time and sweat has been put into getting the site back up asap.
Ok, I have more things I wanna tell you about but my brain isn't functioning anymore (I think part of it is already asleep lol).
So, I'll just skip to the good part and give you the freebie I prepared for today, ok? You don't mind that, right? LOL
Here it is, a brad alpha to celebrate this holliday. It coordinates beautifully with this month's MEGA KIT at DSO, but I'll tell you about this AWESOME FREEBIE tomorrow! For now, content yourselves with this little one... haha

4th of July freebie
(click preview to download)

Hope ya'll like it! ;)

Good *yawn* Night!!!
See you tomorrow...