Monday, September 1, 2008

Grab Bags Galore

Hello everyone!

How are ya'll doing? Rested, relaxed and ready to start september?

Not me!!! lol The weekend was so busy that it's only halfway monday and I'm beaten! Saturday we were out all day, doing some shopping, having brunch in town... Very nice but also very exhausting when you're watching and going after 2 1 year And yesterday my SIL and BIL came to spend the day with us, we took the kids to play in the park across the street and they had a blast!

Ok, so let's get down to 'business'... hahaha

Have you seen the Grab Bag sale that started today at DSO???

This is my first Grab Bag ever, I'm so excited!!! :D


There are 4 brand new products in it. A total worth of $12 for only $3!!! So if you love a good bargain and surprises, you better hurry! The Bags are available only for a week, after they're revealed the products go to the store at regular prices... ;)

Hugs to all,