Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh My....

... has it really been THAT long since I blogged?

Shame on you, Livia!!!

How have you guys been?

Vacation was GREAT! It was awesome to see my family and friends again... Watching the kids interact with and charm my entire family was FUN!!!

Coming home was a whole other story... The first few days were tough! First because I always get a bit depressed to be so far away from my family again and second because the kids were so used to having SO MUCH attention all the time and single-handed-mommy here couldn't replace grandma, grandpa, great grandma and tons of uncles and cousins!  PLUS they were very jet lagged! ROFL... Feeling sorry for me yet? HAHAHA

So... what made me come out of my cave and start blogging again? Well, besides the fact that I missed ya'll, I just HAD to show you what a GREAT GIFT I received from my friend Chelly! She made a mini kit and named it after me.... Isn't that SWEET??? What a great way to show affection!!!!

Here it is:

Kit Simply Livia by ChelSant Preview

How gorgeous is this!!!  And guess what??... it's a FREEBIE!!! Woohoooo! Is Chelly AWESOME or what? Just swing by her blog to snag it!

And that not being enough, she also made a BEAUTIFUL QP to go with it, also available at her blog.

Preview QP Simply Livia by ChelSant

Chelly, what can I say?

That was ABSOLUTELY a FANTASTIC gift and surprise! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

LOVE YOU, girl!!! MWAH!!!

Hugs to all,



Chelly said...

My dear friend, I do have to thank you for everything you did and do for me ... I love you very carioca FELIX HAHAHAHAHA!!!