Friday, May 9, 2008

2,000 Visits!!!

In 18 days of existence the blog has had over 2000 visits... I'm in awe!

When Hubby put the counter for me he asked:
- So, do you want to have commas separating the thousands?
I started laughing and said:
- I don't know... I'm not gonna need to worry about that anytime soon anyways!

Yesterday when I told him about the number of visits he said: - Told ya you'd need the commas!!! LOL

I just wanted to come here and THANK YOU for the visits and the love left here and at 4Shared! Know that it's very very very appreciated!

I really love all the messages! It just keeps me wanting to create more and more... so keep'em coming! LOL ;P

Hugs to all,


Darlene Haughin said...

Hi sweetie! Congrats on passing the 2,000 mark - yay for you! LOVE the mini kit you made for the color challenge. It's gorgeous. Hope you have a great weekend, too, and Happy Mother's Day!