Monday, July 14, 2008

Is it Monday already???

Good Morning!!!

How was the weekend?
Mine was very quiet and relaxed... so in other words: It was GREAT!!! lol
Exactly what we needed! :D

The fietscar (dunno the name in english, sorry! Maybe... bike car? lol) we ordered finally arrived! And we took it for a testdrive on saturday... Ooooh, it was so cool!

The kids LOVED it! So much fun!!!


The new 'ride' attatched to my bike


Happy Passengers!

Ok... off to start the day... Will probably be coming back with more posts later on! ;)

Hope we all have a great week!!!



Ju Garibaldi said...

Só pra dizer que Te Amoooo Muito! E não vejo a hora de vc vir de férias com as crinaças e meu cumpadre!

Eheheheh ... Enquanto isso nao acontece obrservo de longe seu trabalho perfeito !

Ju Garibaldi

Kim B said...

LIVIA- that bicycle thingy car is AWESOME- LOL
I've never seen anything like it here-
The kids look toooo cute in it!