Wednesday, July 9, 2008


... It's late here, but I HAD to stop by to tell you about a little secret...
It's coming! It's almost here!!! It's TOMORROW!!!

What? You wanna know what I'm talking about??? Well... That's the secret!
Oh, c'mon... I said I was going to tell you ABOUT it, not spoil the fun... MWAHAHAHA (did I sound like Kim? not really, huh?...will work on it!)

Ok, ok... I'll give you a little hint (but don't tell you the other ladies that I opened my big fat mouth, ok?)... It's somenthing that we, the DSO designers, made for YOU!

And trust me.... you DON'T WANNA MISS IT!

So make sure to come back tomorrow and see for yourself (you'll regret it if you don't...)!
And if any of you are just as curious as I usually am... Here's something to quench your curiosity:

tomorrow...wait till tomorrow! hehe

Did I make you curious? Anxious? Fidgiting with antecipation??? Good!
Then my work here is done!!! LOL

Off to bed now...and see you all tomorrow! ;)



Andrea said...

i'm so excited for tomorrow too!! i had to do a sneaky peek too!!

jkuoha said...

I know what it is!!! I am excited, too! Stop by my blog for a freebie!