Sunday, July 6, 2008

1st DSO DOSIE!!!

Hello everyone!!!

Today is sunday and the DSO BLOG brings you the first OFFICIAL DSO Dosie [doo-zeeeee] !

The Dosies are the new blog challenge. Each week will be something new and fun, so we really hope you participate along with us! You can check all the info on the site blog! ;)

And the first one is:

There’s NO PLACE like HOME

The Internet is such a wonderful thing. I think we sometimes forget how great a thing it really CAN be. One of the best examples of this, is the variety of people you can meet, friends you can make, literally from ALL OVER THE WORLD. So I thought, why not a challenge to demonstrate that. Wouldn’t it be great to see just WHERE your Internet friends call home? Your challenge, should you decide to accept it, is to show us a layout of your home. Don’t be shy now, we really do want to see!

Fun, huh?
I hope ya'll join us in the fun and show us your corner of the world!

I made one of Brazil and gonna try and find time to make one of the Netherlands as well, after all, this is where I'm living now, right? ;)

Here's my lo...


I used Mel's Inquisitive Kit, template by Yin Designs and my Sparkling Spring Green Alpha.

So, hurry now to the DSO Blog and check all the info for the challenge! ;)

And talking about challenges...


In order to get the mega kit, for FREE, you have to complete ALL of the forum Challenges! I know it seems like a lot, but believe me, it's worth it!!! Not to mention... FUN!

This month's Mega is called TRADITIONAL INDEPENDENCE and it's HUUUUUUGE!

Traditional Independence

You really don't want to miss this one.... You can check all the rules and see a bigger preview of it here.

And if you don't think you'll manage to finish all the challenges, don't worry... the kit will also be available for purchase on the shop! ;)

Well, I'm off to enjoy a sunny sunday!
Hope you all have a great one!



Yin said...

Hi Livia, Wow your layout is totally AWESOME! Love how you used the big picture to show off your Landmark. Can I have your permission to share it on my blog?