Monday, September 29, 2008

Bargain! Bargain! Bargain!

Quick post today... I'm not in such a great mood, I've started my diet today and that always makes me cranky!!! LOL

But I'm desperate... have to loose a few pounds before going to Brazil on vacation in November. I'm bound to gain weight there, so I have to have 'credit'... hahaha

Yeah, it probably doesn't make any sense... loose weight just so you can gain it all back (on purpose! haha).

I just wanted to show you the 3 'new' mini kits I have in the Bargain Bin at DSO. They are past challenge gifts, so if you missed it here's your chance! ;) Only $0.99 each!




(images are clickable)

Ok... so that's it for my shameless advertising for today! LOL

I'm off to do some laundry, crave some cookies and feel sad/angry about my diet!!! LOL



Thursday, September 18, 2008

Awards and Chickenpox

Gosh....where has the week gone?

Which one of you is stealing my days? Huh? Huh? Give it back... I need them!!! ROFL

Jokes aside, this week really flew by... and not because I was having too much fun!

Both my kiddos got chickenpox... YAY! (NOT!!!) lol They are very whiny, wanting attention ALL the time. But I guess I shouldn't complain, neither of them had fever and there are no spots on their faces or arms. Like the doctor said: They have chickenpox, but they're not sick! So, it definitely could've been worse!

Funny thing is, last week we were talking about chickenpox at the designers group... and a few days later, my kids had it! Like Andrea said... I never knew email could be contagious! HAHA

I'm so house is a huge mess, and there are piles of laundry and dishes to do... Any volunteers? :D Hmmmm... didn't think so! LOL

Tuesday I got two wonderful surprises when I opened my email... 2 Blog Awards!!! It sure did brighten my day!

The first one was from Paula (pkdoll):


I had received it before, but was thrilled to get it again! Makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside! THANKS PAULA! MWAH!

And here are the rules for this one:

1. The winner gets to put the award on her blog.

2. You must link back to the one that sent it to you.

3. Forward this to 7 people whose blogs you love and links on your blog to theirs.

4. Leave a comment on the blogs of the people you picked letting them know where to pick it up.

So, for my 7 I choose the girls I met at Amigas & Scraps.

1 - Chelly - she's the only exception, we met last year thru a pregnancy community and became really good friends. We started scrapbooking practically together! Te amo, amiga!!!

2 - Simone

3 - Waleria

4 - Carolzinha

5 - Vanessa (Vanroses)

6 - Patricia (patfazarte)

7 - Keka

And the second award was given to me by Chelly (yes, the same mentioned


The award comes with this text:

"A todas nos encanta los blogs, en la mayoría sus objetivos son mostrar las maravillas y hacer amistades; hay personas que no se interesan cuando les damos un premio y desta manera contribuyen a cortar esos lazos; ¿queremos que se corten o se propaguen?Entonces tratemos de prestar mas atención a ellos! Debemos entregarlo a 8 blogger's que deben hacer lo mismo y poner el texto."

But I'm going to cheat and give it away for more than 8 people! (shhhhh....don't tell on me, ok?)

I want to give it to all DSO designers, whom I love, and to Paula (pkdoll) the sweet lady who gave me the previous award!

So, here you go: Andrea, Beth, Bunny, Darlene, Doodle, Jazzy, Kim, Joy, Lisa, Luisa, Lynn, Mel, Mindi, Nikki, Shannon, Sherrie, Tina & Paula. Ya'll have been awarded! MWAH!

And last but not least....I have a freebie for you guys!ly-mysecretgarden

I was playing with My Secret Garden kit and ended up making 2 borders.

And I thought you might like to have it. If that's the case, here they are:

Hope you like it!

ly-msgborders Download Here

Hugs to all,


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Challenge, a freebie and a Cute Critter!

Hello everyone!

How's the week going so far? Mine started off pretty good! Yesterday I went to the MOVIES!!! Yes, yes... not that big deal, right??? Well, for me it was... HUGE! LOL

I went with two friends... we all left the kids with the hubbies and went for a girls night out! Oh, man... that felt good! Last time I had been in a movie theater was last october when we were in Brazil. We didn't even know what we were going to watch... the whole point was going out and have some non-mommy fun!

get smart


We ended up watching Get Smart. At first I had my doubts about it, but it was totally worth seeing it! We laughed so hard! And the movie theater was pretty empty (what else did we expect on a monday evening, huh? lol) so we could really LOL, kwim?


And to top it all off, today is sunny and relatively warm... woohooooooo! After I'm done posting I'll get my kiddos and go for a walk.

Have you met Lyndies Catapiller?

No? Well, let me introduce you to this lovely critter...

She was born in Johannesburg, Lyndies_Catapiller_thumb[2]South Africa and has set off on an adventure to travel the world! How? Well, it's simple, here's how it works: I will pass it on to TWO people, who in turn will pass it on to TWO people and we will see how many country’s, states etc Lyndies Catapiller can visit- You can read the RULES here.

She came here to the Netherlands from Kentucky, USA. Bunny sent here this way.

And now I'm sending her to Anna (AneczkaW) in Poland and to Chelly in Brazil.

Farewell, my little friend... and have fun!

And talking about fun.... Let's talk CHALLENGES!!! The september challenges at DSO are awesome, you should really check them out... not only they are a ton of fun, but also com accompanied with great PB's!!!

As usual, I'm hosting the Lyric Challenge and this month's song is:

Tiny Star by Eric Woolfson
Close your eyes and go to sleep, little one
Close your eyes and go to sleep, my baby
I'll be watching over you, the sandman's on his way
Dream about tomorrow and the games you're gonna play
My baby...
The sun is just a tiny star
The moon is not so very far
It's time to say goodnight
Close your eyes, and when you wake, the world will be all right
The stars will not come out to play
I asked them why, they wouldn't say
Until the break of day
Close your eyes, go to sleep, dream the night away
May the Lord watch over you and speed you on your way
Through the dark journey of the night
And if God is listening He'll keep you safe from harm
'Til the dawn embers of the ever-burning, everlasting
Sun, just a tiny star
A moon that's not so very far
So you must sleep and then
Morning comes, dawn will break, the sun will shine again
Morning comes, and when you wake
The sun will shine again...

Isn't it a great song? I love it!

Can't wait to see all the wonderful layouts that you'll come up with!

And here's the gift you'll receive for your participation:

ly-gentlebreeze (9 papers & 10 elements)

And just to give you a taste of it and to reward you for sticking around this long post, here's a QP I made with it! Enjoy! ;)


Download Here

Many hugs to all,


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Freebie!

Yay!!! Weekend!!!

As usual, soon we'll leave for our weekly day in town. Nothing exciting, just some necessary shopping and a yummy brunch.

This weekend there's a Culinary Fair going on and if the weather permits we'll check that out as well. I don't really know how it works... All I know is that it's in a park and all the local restaurants are involved. So... it's outside, in a beautiful park where the kids can play around and it  has yummy food! Can't be bad, huh???? lol

But before I go wake hubby up (yeah, I let him sleep in on weekends, aren't I sweet??? lol)... I thought I'd come here and show you what's inside my Grab Bag . It's on sale till tomorrow (sunday, 7th). ly-gb#1

For only $3 you'll get:

A kit with 10 papers and 24 elements:


An element pack with 8 doodled words and a frame as a bonus:


An Alpha:


And a Template Pack:


Pretty good deal, huh?

So... what are you waiting for to go grab it??? Huh?

Oh, yeah.... the Freebie! lol :P

Here you go:


Download Here

Hope you enjoy it and have a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Hugs to all,


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An update, 2 Hints and a Freebie!

Is it wednesday already???

Seriously, what's happening with my time? I feel like every time I blink, there it goes another

I think I need some serious time management classes!!!

My kids are napping less and less everyday. And that means less mommy-in-the computer time...

I put them in bed anyway, so at least they (and I) can rest a little in the afternoon. Yesterday they absolutely refused to sleep (or calm down for that matter), so I grabbed a book and sat in the chair in their bedroom in the hopes that seeing me quiet and relaxed would get them in the mood to do the same (Yeah, right!!!lol).

And right away I found out that my little acrobat has mastered the art of going back and forth from one crib to the other. He now doesn't need pillows nor stuffed animals... he puts his foot on the top of the bars (man, kids are flexible!!!!), pushes himself up and then is just a matter of putting the other foot down on the other bed. No falling, no flipping over, nothing... there he was safe and sound on the other side!  lol

So far he has not attempted that towards the floor side... I guess he just wants to be with his sister! Cute, huh??? lol

Say... have you seen my Grab Bag at the DSO store yet?

It contains 4 brand new products. A total worth of $12 for only $3! Yes, $3!!!


What? You want a hint of what's inside??? Ok, ok... How can I refuse if you're asking so sweetly?

Here it is... Isn't my adventurous little boy cute?

01-love always

(wordart by Elegant Wordarts)

And I've decided to play nice and give you yet ANOTHER hint! :D Here's a freebie I've made that coordinates with another product in the bag:


Download Here

Ok, now I'm off to feed my little munsters!

Hugs to all,


Monday, September 1, 2008

Grab Bags Galore

Hello everyone!

How are ya'll doing? Rested, relaxed and ready to start september?

Not me!!! lol The weekend was so busy that it's only halfway monday and I'm beaten! Saturday we were out all day, doing some shopping, having brunch in town... Very nice but also very exhausting when you're watching and going after 2 1 year And yesterday my SIL and BIL came to spend the day with us, we took the kids to play in the park across the street and they had a blast!

Ok, so let's get down to 'business'... hahaha

Have you seen the Grab Bag sale that started today at DSO???

This is my first Grab Bag ever, I'm so excited!!! :D


There are 4 brand new products in it. A total worth of $12 for only $3!!! So if you love a good bargain and surprises, you better hurry! The Bags are available only for a week, after they're revealed the products go to the store at regular prices... ;)

Hugs to all,