Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Freebie


Oh, man... I'm soooo happy with this weather! Yesterday we took the kids to the park in front of the house. They had a BLAST!!! It was so great to see how they interect with the enviroment.

Samantha is already showing signs of being a total tomboy! She's such an explorer... wanted to touch everything and go everywhere! And quite independent too, just started walking but already refused holding hands! LOL
Lucas was also very cute but in the opposite way...he actually was trying to get up from the grass withoug touching it with his hands!!! He was also very interested in everything but was a bit more cautious than his little sister.

Today is bright and sunny as well, but since I'm alone I don't really dare to take them to the park by myself yet... With their tendency of going opposite directions I'd go crazy in 5 minutes! LOL

I have a gift for you today...well, actually, a friend of mine has the gift! She made 2 QP's using my mini kits. Look how cute they are:

So just click on the picture and go to her blog to snag them!

And if all goes well, I'll have another gift for you very soon! ;)

Hugs to all,